Successful Bargaining

Successful, strong bargaining requires listening to our members, understanding the social, economic, and political environment and conditions around us, and responding rapidly and flexibly to constant change. The Act Now team works with our members to understand the issues affecting them. The language for the bargaining team’s proposals comes directly from the input of our union members. The UFF team sitting at the table represents the common interests and concerns of faculty and professional employees. Since COVID lockdowns began, our Act Now team has released two surveys to help us bargain for you at the table. The first survey was related to COVID and the second to more general concerns in our current contract. We heard from 71 and 42 members, respectively. In addition, the team has heard from different groups and individuals suffering racism, sexism and other discriminatory practices that create a hostile work environment at UCF. We work closely with them to seek redress and, in case they fear retaliation, we respect their desire to remain anonymous.


Although our Union faces numerous challenges from the administration and the state, we always approach both in a respectable and professional manner at the bargaining table.  Mutual respect between the two parties that both face pressures in their own way makes for more favorable outcomes in negotiations. In the past six months, we have found common ground on supporting our tenure-track faculty with tenure clock extensions by negotiating and listening to one another in good faith. As a result, both the UFF and internal BOT team have agreed to weekly or biweekly sessions to discuss contract language changes that can help reduce stress from COVID and improve work conditions. For more information please contact The Barganing Team Marie Leticee, Iryna Malendevych, Yovanna Pineda 

Successful Faculty Advocacy

The Act Now team works closely with dues-paying faculty and professional employees with grievance advice and representation. Act Now team invites nonunion faculty to join and become dues paying members to strengthen our UFF UCF chapter and become eligible for representation. Our grievance team advocates on your behalf for all issues that are raised from enforcing our collective bargaining agreement. Ultimately, we give you our support, we listen, and help you process your claim (Step 1, Step 2, and potential arbitration) in a dignified and respectable manner. For more information please contact our current Grievance Team Nina Orlovskaya,, Latarsha Chisholm,, Scott

Training and Experience

We focus laser-like on our shared goal of negotiating contract language that tangibly improves our work lives in the most timely fashion. We are professionally training our bargaining and grievance teams to work in a constantly changing environment caused by COVID. Since local and state shutdowns began in March 2020, the state organization UFF and FEA and the national organizations of NEA and AFT have been holding weekly training in bargaining and grievance. Typically, our grievance and bargaining chairs attend 2-3 training or leadership sessions in addition to meeting weekly with their respective committees. Federal changes to Title IX will affect our grievance and discipline procedures, and we will be prepared for it. Our current bargaining chair has four years experience in bargaining at UCF. She is also the UFF VP of the State University System Bargaining Council, encouraging knowledge sharing and updated 21st century contract language to support all our union members. Please contact Yovanna Pineda, Scott Launier

Membership Drive Plan

We are committed to raising our membership to 50 percent, currently at 30%, to offset any potential state-level legislation mandating 50 percent dues paying members or risk decertification.  An effective membership plan is built off of a number of factors, including but not limited to, the accuracy of your database and the number of organizers committed to doing routine one-on-ones, setting goals/benchmarks, and consistently assessing the work. We plan to establish weekly membership committee meetings, including with our UFF representatives. For more information, please contact Marie Leticee,, Abby Milon,, Yan Fernandez,, Scott Launier,

Supporting an inclusive  workplace at UCF

The goal of the Act Now Team is to secure the educational, social, and cultural equality of rights to eliminate discrimination and ensure the health and well-being of all persons. Racial and gender justice includes environmental justice and an equitable distribution of resources and wealth. We cannot underestimate the enormous emotional and physical taxation from institutional racism and sexism. Hence, we offered proposed language to discuss in impact bargaining sessions to reduce systemic racism and push forward the University’s commitment to enhancing diversity and inclusion. For more information, please contact Latarsha Chisholm,, Talat Rahman,, Scott Launier,