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We stand for teamwork 

Our team collaborates closely with the faculty senate, administration, general counsel, and contract compliance to achieve common good outcomes on challenging issues of importance to all. Most importantly, we are fully committed to supporting our students, staff, faculty, and the larger university community! Recently, we successfully negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the impact of COVID19 between the UFF-UCF and the UCF administration. We hosted two successful town halls, where more than 125 Bargaining Unit members participated and helped us understand your needs! About 70 faculty members provided their comments and ideas, thus, they actively contributed to the drafting of this MoU. We listened to you and delivered: 98 percent of the votes in the bargaining unit approved this MoU through an electronic ratification process! (The electronic voting was approved by the Public Employee Relations Committee (PERC).)


We stand for diversity and inclusion 

We strive to create a truly representative leadership that reflects the social composition of the UCF community and is responsive and accountable to all our members. This is how we have, and will continue, delivering results. Our slate of officers and senators represent numerous departments, colleges, disciplines, ethnicities, races, national origins, and genders across all the UCF campuses. This diversity and inclusion is essential for understanding what our members need to negotiate a good collective bargaining agreement.


We stand for transparency and accountability 

We have a record demonstrating full transparency and accountability to our members, our mother organization United faculty of Florida, our state union, Florida Education Association, and national organizations, including the National Education Organization and American Federation of Teachers, and Community Partners (such as Central Florida Jobs with Justice)--all of whom we work closely with to achieve positive outcomes. Recently, we listened to members who sought for us to present at the Faculty Senate sessions. The current Chair of the Faculty Senate invited UFF UCF leadership to report our chapter’s progress. We presented alongside the UCF President and Provost. The Chair  has also honored our request to present updates of our ongoing work to the faculty senate and listeners in this forum.


We stand for preparation and hard work

Our current social and political climate at the state, national and global levels requires that we not just talk the talk, but walk the walk of doing the hard work of active preparation, professional training, and information gathering for all the major changes and challenges facing our University. We stay informed and get ahead of these issues, proactively communicating with and listening to our members, state and national organizations. We do not wish to be passive but rather take an active part in influencing state and national-decision makers.

Our Team

Scott Launier


I work for our union because I am dedicated and committed to improving the work conditions of our members and all faculty and professional employees. Leading a faculty union requires teamwork. Indeed, it is never about just one person. It is about doing the hard work of bringing diverse groups together to advance the causes that matter to our members and their families.


I approach leading the union like I do family. We all care for each other, and sometimes we fight fiercely, but in the end we strive to work together for the common good.


The goal of our Act Now Team is to better our working and academic lives at UCF. Together, I have endeavored to cultivate the relationships that we need to grow stronger, increase our membership from 18% to 30% of all UCF faculty and professional employees since I began my chapter presidency in 2015, and thereby raise our expectations of what we can obtain from our administration. Indeed, we have made our voices heard at the bargaining table with the administration, at state organization meetings, and at national meetings, to name just a few. As a result, we have made tangible progress on various issues of importance to our members. Within the past four years, we have made significant changes to our leaves article, including parental and recovery leave in the contract and updated our intellectual property rights to reflect 21st century practices and law. But there is so much left to do, and our team wants to work for you to bring clarity and stability during these difficult, COVID times.  


The most important duty I have as president is to listen closely to our members and be transparent and accountable to them. Some of you may remember that I reached out to you either via email or personally. Indeed, I always give out my personal cell phone number so members can call me directly and I have conversed with many of our members. In addition, our team launched a series of surveys to better understand what our members’ concerns are so we could incorporate them into the contract language at bargaining. We will launch a new one soon after classes begin.


Having proudly served as president of the UFF-UCF chapter for five years, I have learned from both my successes and my failures. I look forward to continuing to encourage and facilitate the experienced teamwork necessary for the impressive progress we’ve made in bargaining, faculty advocacy (grievances), membership drives, community engagement, union strategy meetings, and many other things.


If honored by being reelected for two more years, I will work hard to make UCF a juster, more equitable, more diverse, and more inclusive place to work. For more information, please see

Your Act Now team has been working work for you since 2018, holding a press release, town halls, and increasing communications by creating a new website, facebook page, and enhanced email list serv.


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