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We are holding our chapter elections this summer-you should receive your ballots soon in the mail,  please vote and mail your ballot before August 6, 2020 at 5:00pm!!! Tally of the votes will be at 6:00am on August 7, 2020 (Location TBA). 

Act Now Team

Scott Launier
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In the coming months, perhaps years, our global communities will be experiencing immense challenges owed to COVID19 and economic distress. The University of Central Florida will not be immune to these changes. As we write, coronavirus cases are surging in Florida and our administration sends us daily, sometimes hourly, updates owed to the uncertainties of our time.


Beginning in 2015,  Scott Launier brought together our Act Now Team (officers and senators). We are proactive, not reactive to the changes and challenges that are coming ahead. As a team, we are motivated and dedicated, participating in weekly state-level trainings, including night courses and weekend conferences in order to organize and help change institutional culture. We respect and collaborate with members, state, & community and state partners, including organizing events with them. (


We have extensive experience in union work and in understanding how to negotiate or organize a winning campaign for meaningful institutional change at UCF. Drawing on our collective experiences, our ACT NOW team is preparing a three-year strategic plan to share with our members and administration to reduce a hostile work culture and systemic racism, cultivating strategies to organize around key issues of interest to our members, getting informed about the federal & state laws, CARES and HEROES act and their effects on our faculty and professional employees. For updates, please keep visiting this site or our A website that our ACT NOW team leaders built over the past two years.


We listen, we act, we empower you. The ACT NOW TEAM will motivate you to be the CHANGE, we all want to see at UCF. For more information, feel free to see UFF-UCF website: for our officer statements. 

Our Areas of Interest

COVID19 Action

Our Act Now Team is about being informed, flexible, and proactive to obtain positive outcomes for our members.

Successful Bargaining

Successful, strong bargaining requires listening to our members, understanding the social, economic, and political environment and conditions around us.

Successful Faculty Advocacy

Our grievance team advocates on your behalf for all issues that are raised from enforcing our collective bargaining agreement.

Training and Experience

We focus laser-like on our shared goal of negotiating contract language that tangibly improves our work lives in the most timely fashion. 

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